I consider this book as essential reading for every Christian who is sensing there’s something missing in their Christian Church experience — those who are questioning “The Church” in our western culture.

Russell Thornberry

Founding Editor, Buckmasters Magazine

Author, Evangelist


UPRISING is not only timely, it’s brilliantly written to fill a void in the way we think as Christians. This book will change your thinking, life, family, and ministry. It is a must-read for every Christian leader regardless of your calling. I highly recommend it.

Prof. John Ofoegbu

Founder and president, Unity for Africa and

International Coalition of Reconcilers


Mike Arnold has unfolded in this book often hidden truths that most see, but few dare to say. His writing and perceptions are much like him as a person – honest, clear and forthcoming. You are a better person for having come in contact with this faithful servant of God.

Dr. Peter C. Spencer

Pastor, International Missionary, Artist, Entrepreneur

Executive producer, Return to the Hiding Place


The message in this book is simple, straight forward, powerful and applicable.  It teams with spiritual testosterone and will excite and inspire any man that reads it. Women will be awakened by the warrior within them and their call will crystallize. Young people will be able finally make sense of this “church thing” and advance the Kingdom of God in their generation, perhaps like no generation before them. Read. See. Do. Rejoice!

Charles E. Flowers

Senior Pastor, Faith Outreach Center Intl.,

President, The Gathering of Pastor and Leaders

President, The San Antonio Association of Churches


Wow, this book changed my perspective on Christian activism more than anything I’ve ever read. I highly endorse it as a biblically-based mechanism for stimulating Christians to shake off their lethargy and erroneous internal focus and start reaching outward to win the world for Jesus Christ.

Dr. JY Jones

Eye surgeon, International explorer,

Missionary and Author


Mike, I believe your book and God’s word in it is the key to unlocking the written word. The key to free so many from bondage and hardship. The key to bring churches in alignment with Gods vision. The key to unlocking His one true Vision. The key that everyone can hold and use. The key that will bring understanding, enlightenment and peace to a world that is searching for its own identity. UPRISING is the key to the gate of God’s Kingdom here on earth. Everyone is searching for the answer and wanting to see the light. I believe the search is over brother, our destiny is awaiting!

Dr. Craig Onstott

Founder, Nikao Wellness


Mike has presented a solid “Way of Life,” even unto death and beyond in this solid display of theology (though easy to read and comprehend), more clearly defined as “Practical Theology.” I am buying this book to put for sale at our church and recommend this scholarly, practical work to anyone who might think they have all their round pegs in the round holes.

Dr. Bobby W. Leggett

Senior Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church


Mike Arnold’s book UPRISING is a breath of fresh air. He presents the Kingdom of God without any religious frills and helps the ordinary church-goer to understand the vital importance of living Kingdom life. This is not a book that just gives more information on the Kingdom; it is a gut-challenging message to be the overcoming, victorious people who will forcefully advance the Kingdom of God in every sphere of our society. UPRISING confronts doctrinal positions that stand in the way of embracing victorious Kingdom living. The reader is left in no doubt that God intends His people in these days to be co-workers with God in difficult times, thus displaying the power of the life of Christ to a desperate, needy and increasingly fearful world. This book that you hold in your hands will provoke further study and a willingness to be a courageous witness to Jesus.

Eileen Vincent

Author and Founder of CityReachers


UPRISING will challenge you to the core. Truth is, it’s easier to sit back and watch and wait. It takes a man or woman with conviction and courage to go to battle; a person who knows we win in the end but recognizes that we are in the fight, and desires to be equipped for victory. Mike Arnold is a man who is most definitely in the battle, and his teaching and illustrations will help empower you to join him and countless others in raising the victory flag.

Duke Jonietz,

Founder of Transformation: A City Reaching Ministry

If the King’s children knew who they were, they would engage their world, their culture, their communities, their families and themselves in an entirely new way. This book will help remove the blindness and restore the connection to royal authority that has been stolen.

Loren Norris

Author, speaker, executive leadership coach


UPRISING sounds a clarion call for the church to wake-up! Biblically sound and right on time, UPRISING casts a vision that we are responsible for seeing our world transformed – one disciple at a time, to hasten our Lords’ return. This book personally motivated me!

Dr. Charles Robinson

Founder, W.I.S.E. Ministries

Executive coach, CEO, author, and speaker


I love this book and think it should be mandatory reading! Relevant, uncomplicated, and empowering, Mike has captured the heart of the Lord with a message that resonates across all generations regardless of denomination or upbringing. Clear and concise, presenting biblically-based truths, UPRISING will cause you to look again at your true identity in Christ and call you to action. It is the message of the LORD, and is as relevant today as it was when Christ walked this earth.  Love won that day, the day of the cross, and we could all take a pointer or two from that.

Steven Young

Co-Founder and CEO, Kingdom Generation Ministries


I found UPRISING to be Spirit filled and compelling. It teaches that so much can be bearable by embracing the love of Christ, by revering and working for what is good and not condemning the flaws of what not ought to be. Thank you, Mike, for this inspiring book.

         Dr. Jorge Cuellar

Founder and President, Ministry of the Third Cross


In UPRISING, Mike Arnold faithfully gives the reader the Master’s plan for this generation from Scripture in such a way that you could be forever changed, like I was. Imagine being charged with so much enthusiasm and empowerment from Scripture that it sets off a chain reaction in The Church now!

Bryan Penrod

Father, Entrepreneur, Evangelist

5-Star Diamond Director, USANA Health Sciences, Inc.


There are many books on Winning Ways but probably none as thorough and all-encompassing on the subject as Mike Arnold’s UPRISING. This is a practical handbook for the new millennium church, full of insights, explanations and revelations. Relevant because of the hour, and accurate as spiritual understanding. This book shows you God’s original vision for mankind. You can see ways and reasons why we have missed it and get the blue print for global victory in our generation.

Larry Mishael

Founding Pastor, Praise Tabernacle Missions

CEO, PraiseTV Network and Zoe FM Radio

UPRISING by Mike Arnold will challenge your belief systems at the core.  Regardless of your spiritual background we are all in need of the Kingdom of God focus that is to be preached throughout the world to every nation.  Some are preaching it, but are we actually living it? Often we have been bogged down by ‘Churchdom’ and are missing the compelling vision of the Kingdom.  Mike Arnold has a challenging picture of our role in the “Thy Kingdom Come” here on earth.  More than just read this book, I encourage you to study it and the associated verses supporting its premises. It will move you forward in God’s awesome plan for these last days.

            Frank John “Sandy” Ingersoll

            Financier, Author of Inner Limits


As the host of a morning radio program, I know how hard it can be for myself and others to get up and face what might seem like a perpetual Monday. I’m thankful though for my good friend Mike Arnold and his fantastic book UPRISING! No more spiritual Monday blues! Mike reminds us that there is more to this Christian life. Rise and shine and start living the life God has for you…overflowing with faith, passion, joy, and unity in Christ. For my fellow radio hosts, you should have Mike Arnold on as a guest as he brings these passions to life in your listeners!

Peter Chagnon

Radio host, New Life FM