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If you would like to sell any property that you own, we would like to talk with you. If we buy your property, there are NO commissions. You can sell it in “as-is” condition and you can get cash in just a few days.

Avoid the hassle of trying to sell your property in today’s market (fixing it up, keeping it “show ready,” waiting, waiting, waiting… and then all the back-and-forth negotiations, and paying a ton to realtors). Sell it the easy way, with NO REPAIRS and NO FEES.

Contact us today to see if your property qualifies, and to receive a fair, “no hassle” offer for your property.

Call or email now to find out what we can do for you

Call/text me at 210-286-4875 or email me at mike@JaradanSt.com.

My name is Mike and I live in Blanco. I will get back with you quickly, usually within an hour or less.

I will need the following information to get started:

  • Your name
  • Your contact information (phone number and email address)
  • The property address

Thank you!

If you need quick cash, or are trying to stay ahead of the mortgage company, or simply don’t want to go through the hassle of a traditional real estate listing — we can help. Ugly homes are just fine!

NOW is a great time to sell!

Area real estate prices are strong today, but there is no telling what tomorrow holds. Interest rates are rising, lots of economists are saying another meltdown is coming, the current bubble will burst, and so on.

Holding a house long term, hoping for values to rise, is a risk — not just due to potential market downturns, but also because of continual need for maintenance and repairs, rising property taxes, and on and on. It’s been wisely said, “hope is not a business plan.”

For many reasons, you may prefer cash in hand this week, instead of holding on to a risky piece of real estate. If you have interest in selling your property, for whatever reason, you should contact us and see what we can offer you. You may be pleasantly surprised. We can pay cash for your house, in as short as three days — as-is, with no realtor commissions, no hassle, and no risk.

Do you need to stop foreclosure?

Bank won’t stop pressuring you? Having trouble making your house payments? Worried about your credit being ruined?

We are here to help. IBuyBlanco.com is a project of a local family who is interested in helping ALL sellers, regardless of your situation. Yes, that means we can help you stop foreclosure!

All you need to do is submit your basic information to get started. We will contact you, personally — usually within an hour — and discuss how we may help you.

You can STOP the phone calls from the bank, GET RID OF your mortgage payments, SAVE your credit, and SELL YOUR HOUSE FOR CASH before it is foreclosed. Don’t waste any more time!

Easy, fast and hassle-free.

  • We want to HELP YOU – and can move as fast as necessary to help you stop foreclosure and land back on your feet.
  • We can help all kinds of sellers! Even if you are underwater on your mortgage.
  • All the information you provide is kept completely private.
  • We are a local family, folks you’ve probably seen at Lowe’s or Redbud Cafe.
  • We are happy to answer all your questions and walk you through the process.

Not in Blanco?

We are not limited to the city of Blanco, or even Blanco County. Really, anywhere in the Hill Country is great. Beyond that, we may still be able to help, either personally, or by connecting you with someone else we know and trust. 

So… don’t let distance stop you from contacting us. Our heart is to help you, and we will do so any way we can, regardless of where you are located.

Please be careful.

These days, good people can suddenly find themselves in a tough situation. It happens, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. One key to getting through it is don’t panic. If you happen to be struggling financially at the moment, please be careful — there are a LOT of financial predators out there who make a fortune taking advantage of people who are in distressed situations. You’ve probably got their junk mail and phone calls. They sound nice at the beginning, but will eventually get pushy, rude and offensive. They’re just looking for a quick deal, and don’t care one bit about you personally.

We are different. Give us a chance and we’ll prove it. Every story, every situation, is different. If a quick cash sale is NOT best for you — there may be a LOT of potential solutions and resources available for your unique situation — we will walk you through your options, and point you in the right direction. If a quick sale IS best for you, we will make you a fair offer, and then get you the cash you need quickly, with no hassles.

We are a local family who cares about the community and the people in it.

We are a local family who have lived in Blanco for 8 years now. Our work rebuilding homes here in Blanco has been featured on the front page of the local newspaper. Several years ago, we went through a very rough stretch following a job loss, got behind on our house payments, and came very, very near to losing our home. We know from experience — it’s a terrible situation! Mortgage companies show no mercy, and they don’t care about your story. By God’s grace, and with the help of others, we made it through. Now we want to help others who are in a similar situation.

A quick, as-is, cash sale is sometimes the only way to avoid foreclosure, ruined credit ratings, loss of hard-earned equity, and a cruel eviction. We will gladly look at your property, hear your story, and — if it your property qualifies — make a fair offer, and work with you on a fast timeline, with no hassle, to help you get in the best position possible, as quickly as possible.

Of course, we always keep everything in the highest confidence, and there’s no run-around. If it works for us, we’ll make an offer. If it doesn’t, we’ll tell you why, and then do our best to help you explore other solutions.