Mike Arnold – A Dynamic Media Interview

This new book release by Mike Arnold is shaking things up – opening eyes, changing minds, sparking conversations and lighting faith on fire!

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring this fascinating guest to your show. A seasoned media personality, Mike Arnold has appeared on numerous local, national and international TV and radio broadcasts.

In light of current US and world events, you’ll not find a more timely, engaging topic or personality. 

I’ve been across America and all over the world — from grass hut villages on the Amazon to the Ritz in Paris, and from Third World prisons to a presidential palace. Along the way, I’ve gotten to know folks from orphans and lepers to presidents, billionaires and elite professional athletes. I’ve been threatened by drug runners in the Mosquito Coast jungle and narrowly escaped Boko Haram bombs in Nigeria.

It’s been an amazing journey, and this is what I’ve seen:

The world is suffering because American Christians are lost in la-la land. When the world needs us most, we’ve checked out to play ‘church,’ seek superficial ‘prosperity,’ and wait for a ‘Great Escape.’  With what’s on the world horizon, we need to WAKE UP, rediscover God’s master plan, and re-assert our rightful role in shaping society. The world needs us and God is waiting on us. It’s time to RISE and SHINE!

Mike and his work have been featured in these and other media outlets, and honored by the Texas Senate. See full bio here.

Over the years, Mike has appeared on hundreds of hours of talk radio and many hours of television, both live and recorded. He is a an award-winning speaker, a seasoned debater, and experienced presenter. Audiences enjoy listening to him, and hosts like working with him.

As the host of a morning radio program, I know how hard it can be for myself and others to get up and face what might seem like a perpetual Monday. I’m thankful though for Mike Arnold and his fantastic book UPRISING! No more spiritual Monday blues! Mike reminds us that there is more to this Christian life. Rise and shine and start living the life God has for you…overflowing with faith, passion, joy, and unity in Christ. For my fellow radio hosts, you should have Mike Arnold on as a guest, as he brings these passions to life in your listeners!

Pete Chagnon

Radio Host, New Life FM

If you’re looking for a great interview or story on an issue that will hit people right in the heart, consider talking with Mike Arnold…

Chris Fabry

Host of Chris Fabry Live, Moody Bible Network

Sample interview questions for Mike Arnold...

> Your book is about “God’s Master Plan.” What is that, and why is it important?

> You say there is one thing Jesus said seven time in a row, but nobody knows what it is. What is it?

> Tell me a story or two of how you’ve seen this message impact people. What do people tell you are the most eye-opening parts of the book?

> You’ve had an interesting life. Political consultantentrepreneurfilm produceradventurermissionaryminister. In your missionary journeys, you’ve escaped drug runners in the Moskito Coast and Boko Haram bombers in Nigeria. Tell me about your experiences, where this book comes from, and why you wrote it.

> Perhaps the main big-picture paradigm shift in the book is what you call “God’s vision of victory.” You say, “Jesus is coming to rule with winners, not rescue losers,” and that God is waiting for us to establish His Kingdom on earth, before the end will come. This is quite eye opening, in light of what we see in the advance of radical Islam, and hear from all these doom-and-gloom end-times preachers today. Tell us about this, how is it different from what most Christians believe today, and why should they care?

> One bold positions in the book is that the modern teaching of a “Great Escape” rapture is not only wrong, but damaging to Christians. Of course, this storyline has been very lucrative for decades. Now, you approach this in a very respectful way, but at the same time you don’t pull any punches. It’s clear you’ve done a ton of research. On what do you base your position, and why is it so important to you?

> I saw somewhere that you came up with the Group Study Edition because most pastors who read the book were turning around and buying a dozen or more copies to give away. Tell me about that.

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