Hey guys … it’s break time!

Join us for

Life can get heavy. Sometimes a man just needs a break … and what he really wants is a breakthrough.

The Big Break is a 3-day weekend that helps guys refresh, renew and recharge.

It’s like a “mountaintop” experience. Unplug, breathe fresh air, connect with new friends and brothers, receive paradigm-shifting teaching, enjoy evening campfires, and — most important – regain a clear perspective on life.

Think of this retreat as the “You Are Here” sign in a busy mall, or the picture on a puzzle box. See the world and yourself from God’s amazing view. Rediscover His masterplan and your place in it, and take your vision, peace, enthusiasm, energy and faith to new heights. Your life and work will never be the same.

What are you waiting for? It’s Break time!

What can you expect at The Big Break?



While we host these in locations where we can be close to nature and have campfires in the evening, we aren’t generally “roughing it.” Unless otherwise specified, you should expect comfortable beds, air conditioning, and generally nice accommodations.

We eat well. Expect good, hearty meals and ample snacks. If you have special dietary needs, let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to take care of you.



One of the most refreshing parts of The Big Break is that we’re going “off the grid” for a few days. You are expected to turn in your electronic devices upon arrival. We ask that you trust us and honor this request. At the same time, we’re not extremists about this – if you have a situation that requires you to stay in contact, or if you need to make an important call, that’s perfectly fine.



One of the benefits of being “unplugged” is that it strips away the pretense of “civilization.”

Out here, it doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive, how big your house is, how athletic you are, or what’s on your resume. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done or haven’t done. The questions become: Can you unwind, dig deep and be real?

What’s said at The Big Break stays at The Big Break. It’s a non-competitive, non-threatening, non-judgmental setting. Just like God intended…



A lot of factors go into the impact delivered by this experience. One main part is the core teaching that is built into the weekend. These retreats are conceived and led by Mike Arnold – author of UPRISING: Time for Christians to Rise and Shine – and the message of these retreats is consistent with the message of that book.

The tag line of UPRISING is, “God has so much more in store for us when we rediscover His master plan and our place in it.” Through a series of stories, lessons, movie clips and conversations, The Big Break leaders lead participants to rise above their circumstances to a spiritual “mountaintop” – to see things from God’s perspective. The resulting clarity of vision – and deeper understanding of our identity, purpose and destiny in God’s Kingdom – brings renewed faith, passion and purpose.

But … this isn’t a classroom-based retreat! Teachings are woven in with plenty of down-time, fellowship, dialogue, campfires and other activities. (Nobody’s ever said they were bored!)



Meaningful questions and conversations are real heart real learning, and the heart of The Big Break. These don’t work well for guys who hide out and refuse to participate. You’ll be called to speak up and participate in dialogue. It’s not touchy-feely “therapy” stuff, but real digging into God, and questions that matter.



Relationships forged at The Big Break can become some of the most powerful friendships in our lives. Connect with other men who are on the same life journey, in an environment that strips away all superficiality. In a world where a “friend” has come to mean little more than a face on social media, these encouraging, Godly relationships can be one of the most rewarding take-aways from the experience.

A few years back, I was toiling away, and I just knew something inside me was missing. So I set out to find what that was. You see, a man without a vision wanders aimlessly throughout this world. I needed a break… a breakthrough. By God’s grace, I found Mike Arnold and attended one of his retreats. Those three days have set my heart on fire. They have created a foundation and action plan for my future and the future of my family. Please sign up for this retreat! In three days God will reconnect you with your vision … set your heart on fire… unfold your plan … and help you recapture your purpose.

 – Dr. Craig Onstott – Founder, Nikao Wellness Centers

Letter from a retreat participant's wife

I held this retreat under the name “Calling Camp” for the Cross Trail Outfitters ministry. Today’s Big Break retreats are pretty much the exact same thing. — Mike


My name is Jess Temple and my husband, Jason, recently attended Calling Camp. I know you receive countless letters from parents (and the boys themselves) about how your ministry has touched their lives, but I wanted to take the time to share what a life changing event Calling Camp was to not only my husband, but to me as well.

Although he was only away at camp for 3 days, Jason came home a changed man. By that, I don’t mean he came home on a spiritual “high” that lasted a few days, but that something about him was truly different. Jason was raised in a Christian family and was saved at a young age (we both were), he grew up attending church every Sunday, participating in youth group and other “church” activities, and attending Bible camps all over the U.S. Despite all this, he always felt like there was something more, and this was a feeling he had expressed to me more than once over the 13 years since we first met.

Calling Camp opened my husband’s eyes. In those 3 short days, he grew leaps and bounds closer to God. He came home with a new outlook on life and is truly on fire for God. He is reading his Bible with more understanding than ever before, and each day God reveals something new to him.  Since camp, we have both really been reflecting on a specific point. As Christians, we have God living in us. We are sons and daughters of God. If this is the case then why is it that, so often today, this doesn’t make much of a noticeable difference in our lives? Shouldn’t we radiate the Holy Spirit and project something that makes us stand out? Something that makes us different….something that draws others to us and to maybe even say, “I want what they have,” even if they don’t know exactly what that is?

For me, Calling Camp in itself was an answered prayer. In all the years I have known my husband, I have always felt that he would do something truly great with his life. Don’t get me wrong; he is probably one of the most caring, most talented and hardest working people you could ever hope to meet. A man who, in the eyes of many, is more accomplished than most people his age. When he got home, I had peace for the first time that he would figure out his calling.

His passion and excitement has rubbed off on me and our relationship has been transformed as well. I feel closer to Jason than I ever have before and our marriage has become even stronger than it was. I have never been more proud of my husband than I am today and I know that God will continue to amaze us with His power and grace. At Calling Camp, God reached my husband in a new way and all of the guys at camp helped make that possible. Not only did the experience bring Jason to a closer walk with God, but he also had such a connection to the guys there, he feels as though they are the brothers he never had.

Keep up the awesome work. You are touching more lives than you even realize.

Thanks again,

Jess Temple

When you come to The Big Break, you will connect with the Living God in a way that is deep, real and life changing. You will leave renewed, refreshed and recharged. I’m looking forward to seeing you around the campfire!

Mike Arnold

Leader, The Big Break

The Big Break is led by Mike Arnold, “The Campfire Guy” and author of UPRISING: Time for Christians to Rise and Shine.

Mike is the founder of the Christian Outdoor Alliance and Cross Trail Outfitters.

Over the years, he has sat around hundreds of campfires with thousands of men, around the world.

Mike’s stories of global adventure are the stuff of legend, and his campfire cooking is pretty darn good, too!  🙂

See his full bio here.